Fresh and Tasty Egg Kalaki Recipe

Fresh and Tasty Egg Kalaki Recipe
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Everyone would have felt bored eating the usual egg omelet and boiled eggs. Then try this interesting and unique recipe called Kalaki. Each and every state is famous for their own style of egg recipes, this kalaki is Tamil Nadu special. This is a easy yet promisingly tasty recipe. Kalaki comprises of certain techniques which you should follow to get the right texture for this recipe. So here we go how to get the perfect kalaki that our loved ones desire.

Kalaki Ingredients

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  • Take a bowl and beat two eggs in it.
  • Add the chicken salna or chicken kurma and to enhance the taste add some salt, chilli powder and pepper.
  • Take a pan and heat it and add some oil in it. It is goof if you use gingelly oil for this recipe. It increases the flavour of the recipe. But it is optional, you can also use normal sunflower oil as well.
  • Ensure that the pan is very hot while adding the eggs.
  • Pour the egg once the pan is too hot. Egg will spread itself, do not disturb the egg.Season it with little pepper however this also optional since we have added earlier.
  • To finish the kalaki then immediately start folding the eggs inwards from the edges, make sure that you follow this technique perfectly.
  • As soon as you fold the edges turn off the stove and slide the egg into another pan. Specialty of this kalaki is that the egg should be runny inside.
  • Do not let the eggs sit in the pan for too long as that may overcook them.
  • Garnish it with some chopped coriander leaves and serve it hot.

Change over: You can have plain kalaki as well, do not add chicken salna alone. However the other process remains the same. You have note that be quick and ensure that the inside stays soft and not fully cooked. Do not let the eggs sit in the pan for too long as that may overcook them.



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