Tricks to reduce Excess Salt in your dish

Tricks to reduce Excess Salt in your dish
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Many of us might have faced this issue where a dish that is been put a lot of effort and cooked with love yet luck have it sprinkled a bit too much salt. That is the heartbreaking and terrible time since due to too much salt the recipe would have entirely changed is taste. Not alone the taste even sometimes the aroma would also change. If you are new to cooking then seriously most of the time you have faced this scenario. New chef’s who have just begun with your cooking, really these tricks would help you out in those circumstances.

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  1. Raw/Boiled Potato:
    If you have potatoes then immediately cut some raw potatoes and add to the dish. The interesting part here is that the potatoes will soak the excessive salt. Adding boiled potatoes will not only remove the excess salt yet will help you in making a new dish instead of the earlier one.
  2. Fresh Cream
    To neutralize the excess salt in the curry, add some fresh cream then you will not feel the dish salty. Adding to it your curry will become richer and creamier.
  3. Curd
    This is a particular trick to reduce the salt in your recipe. Adding a tablespoon of curd will enhance a subtle taste and at the same time, the amount of salt will also be reduced. The best trick to give it a try.
  4. Onions
    Fry some raw onions and add them to your spoiled dish. This trick will not only remove the excess salt but will also give a smokey taste to your dish. You can even try out with raw onion. Cut the raw onion into two pieces and put them into your curry. Don’t forget to remove the raw onions after a while.
  5. Vinegar and Sugar
    Adding one tablespoon of sugar and vinegar to the dish will balance out all the flavors and remove the excess salt in it. Since the vinegar has a sour tendency and sugar is sweet, the whole flavor and taste of the curry will counterbalance.
Vidya Sankaranandh

Vidya Sankaranandh

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