Tips from professional chefs to modern housewives

Tips from professional chefs to modern housewives
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This No matter how experienced she is, every modern woman knows how to appreciate the advice of a professional.

In that regard, whether you cook every day or occasionally, we turned to professional chefs for advice that they could give to modern housewives. The goal is to enable you to master the simple steps that make them so – professional. Here we go with some simple tips from professional chefs to modern housewives

Never try a new recipe when your guests come to dinner

There is a time and place to try new recipes and deal with complicated ingredients. However the dinner you invited your dear guests to is certainly neither. You will feel insecure before the new recipe and that will surely affect the quality of your performance. In addition, the aggravating circumstance is that you need to store food for more people than you are used to. So avoid reaching for new recipes in situations like this.

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Try a dish during Making

There is no point in saving something for hours and eventually being disappointed with the effect. Therefore, the recommendation of professional chefs is to try what you prepare during the preparation of meals. That way, you’ll figure out if you’re missing an ingredient or you’re overdoing it with some of them.

You are preparing the paste wrong

You will think how difficult it can be to prepare a paste with sauce. However, it is not difficult, but if you do not follow these simple steps, you are missing the best part of the story. There should be two dishes on the stove. One in which the dough is cooked and the other in which you prepare the sauce. When the pasta is cooked to the al dente effect, you need to transfer it to a bowl with the sauce. That is directly without rinsing under running water. Then add a little water to the mixture in which you cooked the dough. This will allow the sauce to stick to the pasta.

Do not salt the steak as you should

Most food is destroyed by a handful of salt during cooking. However, it is different with steaks. They require the presence of a larger amount of salt before it can be found in a cooking pot or grill. These pieces of meat are very charged and interwoven with strong fibers, which means that the salt does not penetrate into the internal parts, but mostly stays on the surface.

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Read the recipe to the end before you start preparing

Although it seems logical, it happens in a good part of the cases that our assumption that we know how to carry out the meal. To the end affects the fact that we did not even read the recipe to the last sentence. It wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t realize halfway through that you were missing eggs, flour, milk or some other ingredients. Which is why you have to go to the store, leaving what you started in the middle of the kitchen counter.

Do not take the enough benefits of lemon

You are probably in a dilemma of what to reach for when you do not have enough salt in the house. The answer is simple – for a lemon. A few drops of this fruit can greatly shake things up in a nicer and healthier direction.

Do follow this useful tips from professional chefs to modern housewives.

Vidya Sankaranandh

Vidya Sankaranandh

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