How to Minimize your food Waste

How to Minimize your food Waste
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Food waste is a really the most common problem in each home. With an common of at most 3 meals a day in wealthy homes, not restricting the amount of snacks and fruits that get eaten routinely. At the times of crisis like we are facing through currently with Coronavirus (Covid 2020), we want to opine of several ways we could cut down contaminant, garbage exploit and minimal contact with extrinsic garbage which is getting dumped by the sides of streets as well as roads.

By the way of social distancing along with the number of public servants, community worker staff and other workers who are also very susceptible to getting infected with any for of disease and even coronavirus, it is but very imperative for educated masses to step up and reflect on the amount of food we are consuming and the food we waste. So we have come up with certain ways that you could minimize the food waste and contribute to the environment in crisis times like this.

Shop efficiently by planning your weekly meals

 When you plan your weekly meal that would help you to shop efficiently and aid in not overloading your pantry items. Try scheduling the a plan from breakfast till dinner for a weeks time, this makes you to shop efficiently. Based on the menu you have planned shop the perishables for just one week and the dry groceries for 2 weeks.

Store fruits and vegetables in correct way

The right way you store the fruits, vegetables and the leaf will help you preserve them for a longer time. Wash the fruits and vegetable to remove the contamination however do not wash the herbs and green leaf vegetables. You  wash them when it is required probably while you cook them .

To make your vegetables stay longer wrap them in cloth and pack it in a plastic bag so that the air does not pass in. Then pack out the herbs and leaves in airtight steel containers after treating them by removing dead leaves as well as roots. It aid the leaves remain fresh for at least a weeks time.

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Use the skins and peels of fruits and veggies

Vegetables and fruits skin can be used and even eaten too. This also dramatically minimize the amount of the food dump or waste. For example, when we do potato sabzi, clean the potatoes well.  Do not peel of the skin while preparing the dish. This gives an different taste and flavour to your recipe moreover the skin is good for health.

And same goes for bitter gourd (karela), carrots, beetroot, radish, yellow pumpkin. Use the skin of these vegetables and don’t peel them. All you have to ensure is you wash the vegetables well before using then in food.

Making yummy delicious chutney with the help of peels. Examples cucumber peel, orange peel, raw banana (kachha kela), ridge gourd (turia), bottle gourd (lauki). The surprising thing to make your rasam taste delicious and different, try adding in orange peel. This way you will completely eliminate food wastage.

Vidya Sankaranandh

Vidya Sankaranandh

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