Basic Cooking Tricks Everyone should be Aware

Basic Cooking Tricks Everyone should be Aware
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There certain easy cooking tricks which can make a boring dish even more delicious sometimes they might simplify your cooking process itself. Here we go with some basic cooking tricks that you can add in your chef collection!

Don’t overcrowd the pan

If your pan is overcrowded then there is a chance that the heat wont distribute properly. This in turn can affect the flavor and taste or even worse the health risk. As a hindering measure, leaving a fewer inches among each item to guarantee they cook thoroughly.

Store spices in the right location

To sustain the life of the spices, let them be kept in a dark and cool place. Make sure that your are not storing them on top of the stove, since the humidity and heat could can alter their flavor.

Shut the stove off before eggs are done

The trick to extraordinary eggs is to not overcook them! Whether you scramble, fry, or poach, always turn off the stove a few minutes before the eggs look done—you might think that the egg is bit runny. The balance of the heat would cook them to flossy perfection.

Chop herbs with salt

Sprinkle a pinch of salt onto the plate to prevent the herbs flying from all over the place during chopping. The salt makes will not allow them to fly and will keep them in place.

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Add salt to boiling pasta water

When you make paste, it is good add salt in the boiling water itself. This make the salt to go keep inside pasta, so that you get a delicious taste and flavor. It sounds simple yet try it and see serious they will elevate the taste of your dish.

Use a paper towel to preserve vegetables.

It will never feel good when you throw vegetables that is been never used. You can prolong the life of the vegetable by just wrapping them in a dry paper towel. As well, avoid washing until you are ready to eat produce. Oxygen is not a friend of veggies, so get as much air out of containers and bags before sealing.

Vidya Sankaranandh

Vidya Sankaranandh

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