Home Made Crispy Monte Carlo Biscuits

Home Made Crispy Monte Carlo Biscuits
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This homemade crispy monte carlo biscuits is all famous from Australia. Each biscuit contains two layers of filling filled in the centre of the biscuit and it looks like a sandwich. It taste awesome and especially kids will love to eat this monte carlo biscuits. We are using two filling such as raspberry jam and making cream with butter, sugar, etc.

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Ingredients For Monte Carlo Biscuits:

  • Softened unsalted butter – 185 grams
  • Brown sugar – 1/2 cup
  • Egg – 1 no.
  • Vanilla essence – 1 tsp
  • Plain flour – 2 cups
  • Baking Powder – 2 1/2 tsps
  • Desiccated Coconut – 1/2 cup
  • Raspberry jam – 1 cup

Cream Filling:

  • Unsalted butter – 60 grams
  • Vanilla essence – 1/2 tsp
  • Icing sugar – 3/4 cup
  • Milk – 2 tsps

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  • At 180°C preheat the oven. Ensure that oven trays wiped with oil.
  • In a small bowl blend some butter, brown sugar, egg and vanilla essence with blender or electric mixer till it gets smooth.
  • Transfer to a larger bowl, add some filtered flour, baking powder and desiccated coconut in two sets.
  • Roll rounded teaspoons of mixture into oval shapes. Position about 2.5 cm apart on the trays. Level slightly.
  • Cook the biscuits in the oven for just about 12-15 minutes or until browned. Allow to cool.

Another method to cook the biscuits without oven:

  • We can also cook the biscuits in a pressure cooker.
  • Place the pressure cooker on the stove, close and preheat them for about 10 minutes at low flame.
  • Grease some butter in the idly tray or mould. Now gently place the biscuits dough and put them into pressure cooker.
  • Close and cook them for about 15 to 20 minutes at low flame, but check after 10 minutes, whether the cookies in the lower part is ready or not.
  • If it is ready then remove them and leave the other part of the biscuits to cook.
  • Once it is ready cool them completely and fill the filling in the centre.

Cream Filling:

  • Beat butter, vanilla essence and filter icing sugar in a small bowl with blender or electric mixer until light and fluffy.
  • Add milk, beat for a further minute. Pack in biscuits with jam and cream filling.
  • Biscuits can be made in advance of time, just keep unfilled biscuits in an airtight bottle for up to a week.
Jothi Manikandan

Jothi Manikandan

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