Let us know about Black Salt

Let us know about Black Salt
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Black Salt which is commonly called to be Kala namak. Especially in India we use the Kala Namak. This salt is now commonly been used in certain recipes of South Indian dish as well. The salt is beautiful to see with is light pink to grayish purple. This salt do not have any specific harvest season and can be done all year round. So come lets know some interesting things about this Rock Salt so called Kala Namak.  

Things to Know about

Actually a complex mineral compound with salt as only one component, black salt doesn’t come from the Black Sea, as is frequently assumed. In fact, it’s not even really black, but ranges in color from gray to pink to purple. Produced widely across the Middle East and India, it shows up in the cuisines of the same regions.

It has a fetid aroma much like Asafoetida , from the sulfur that is inevitably part of the makeup of most batches. The flavor includes a multitude of minerals but a decidedly smoky and earthy taste, more potent than even the deepest of sea salts, comes to the surface.

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Uses of Black Salt

Black salt has been used as a preserving agent as well as a seasoning since biblical times. A curious use from medieval times suggests that it can repel annoying neighbors. However in my opinion, it’s best used in the kitchen to add a rich mineral taste. Perhaps having the opposite effect on your neighbors if they smell dinner cooking.

Ayurvedic cuisine calls for black salt as an ushna or “hot” energy with a salty taste, and no batch of chat masala is complete without its base flavor and strong aroma. Because of the sulfur content, I try to cook black salt for at least a short time to evaporate the acrid aroma, although it is certainly used as a condiment salt in some ethnic cuisines. I suspect that this is an acquired taste I have yet to acquire.

Vidya Sankaranandh

Vidya Sankaranandh

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