It’s About More than Food

It’s About More than Food
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.Good health involves much more than a medical opinion and Food. Sure, if you have an ailment an accurate medical diagnosis is essential but when we let our health become the sole preserve of the medical profession, we’re in trouble.

For me, eating healthy food is the first essential but the second has got to be movement. It’s a very close second. Yoga is something I took up a while back but, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s all about I say get on the net, find yourself a yoga class somewhere, tell them where you’re at (e.g. absolute beginner) and just go for it.

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Food and Yoga

Yoga attracts all sorts or people. In some areas it’s not uncommon to find yourself among a group of teens, body builders, accountants, engineers, and fitness buffs. And the age range can be incredible. The youngest I’ve come across was only 12 but the oldest was 92. Although some forms may be more difficult for some (usually because of experience) age is absolutely not a barrier.

There’s something special about yoga. In my view it helps you find stillness even in the midst of a really hectic life. For me it’s all about health and wellness. It’s deep breathing and meditation practices help foster an inner calm, removing stress, clearing the mind and helping you to become more focused.

The incredible thing about yoga is that it holds benefits for so many different types of people. For instance, you can choose a yoga style that’s tailored to your lifestyle, such as hot yoga, power yoga, relaxation yoga and even prenatal (not for me) yoga.

A big benefit for me is that I can practice it at home, in a private session, while watching a DVD, at a studio or gym, there are so many options available to suit your goals and needs.

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If you’re a yoga beginner, hatha yoga, which focuses on basic postures at a comfortable pace. This would be great for you. Later, maybe Bikram, also called “hot yoga,” would suit. In Bikram yoga, the room temperature is set to around 40°C,resulting in greater elimination of toxins from the body through the increased production of sweat.

About the Fitness level

No matter your fitness level, fat percentage, or health history, yoga has a style for you. Yoga’s focus on strength training and flexibility is an incredible benefit to your body. The postures are meant to strengthen your body from the inside out. So you don’t just look good, you feel good, too.


Vidya Sankaranandh

Vidya Sankaranandh

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