About Us

Welcome to taste u wish. This website is to create magic in your divine kitchen with dishes that will enthuse and foster you and your loved ones! Together, let us discover the joys and benefits of food that will delight your senses invigorate your mind and touch your soul!

This website will empower people to cook food easily in the Kitchen. You need not be a culinary expert to make the recipes found at Tasteuwish. We are here to share the art of cooking with simple directions of cooking however giving a twist to our recipes which turn the recipes tastier and healthier.

When searching for a recipe, whether online or in cookbooks and magazines, there are endless numbers of recipes available with more variations than one could ever imagine. So we at tasteuwish bring delicious food in the simplest way to you.

All the recipes found here can be made by anyone and require minimal ingredients and preparations to make. We have been keen on sharing the choicest one with you. We believe that eating wholesome food will afford us a happy mind and healthy body. Also, we would like to share credible and confident ‘DIY’ solutions for everyday cooking. And sure these foods will surely make your tummy happy.

Life is a celebration. Enjoy it well. Half the fun of cooking is experimenting, so give it a try and make these dishes uniquely your own!!!